We want to thank you so much for helping us with A.’s Permanent Residency. It has allowed A. and our family to find great opportunities to better our future. We sincerely thank you for your time and effort put onto our case.



Thank you for the great job you did in my case , it couldn´t be better!!! you helped me take the right decision in that critical moment . May GOD bless you all.


“Dear John, You are right. The Oath taking ceremony is lovely – a couple of hours of emotions that defy gravity. The words elude me, and I evade them and the swell of tears. There is always joy, gratitude, and memory at the beginning and the end of every day. Again, thank you, very much, John, for helping me arrive at this moment. Now we are finally here. I am an American citizen at long last! I will remember this day, and I will remember you, John. God will be hearing of you for a very long time. Truly, everything is grace! All the best to you, John, and to your family. Warmest Regards, Gigi.”

-Gigi became a US citizen in 2010

“Thank you John! Your effort and help is greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!”


“Serious, I want to have the opportunity to thanks you for what you did for me. Maybe you ask yourself. What I did for you? Well, you gave me the information that maybe changed my life. What information? Remember the day I went to your house with the Mexican guy, from my church to help him with the translation? This day when you told me that I was allow to try to change my tourist visa and get a decent job there if I was professional. Rick thanks a lot, God used you to touch my life. Remember I was a full school year working at Pine Forge Academy, then I gave up, saying I am not waiting anymore, I came back to my country and mines and even when I was dreaming to be back to USA, the experience I got there was so important for me to get a nice job, teaching at the top American school in my country. I am teaching in the most prestigious school at DR. Carol Morgan School. Isn’t that amazing how God works.Thanks again for being part of it.”

-Juana M., Dominican Republic