Are You Eligible For A National Interest Waiver?

Individuals with extraordinary skills or abilities who are seeking employment within the United States may be eligible for certain types of visas. These visas require certain types of immigration documentation and specific application procedures which must be followed. These visas are known as national interest waivers, or NIW visas.

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Visas For Qualified Business Immigration Candidates

The national interest waiver is an EB-2 visa asserting that the United States would benefit by having the applicant having permanent residence in our country. Qualifications and considerations for this type of visa are done on an individual basis. The process must also incorporate and justify how, or why, the individual’s residence will positively contribute to the United States overall. A national interest waiver, or EB2-visa is typically reserved for internationally renowned professors and researchers. Qualified applicants will have a minimum of three years relevant experience in research and/or teaching in their respective field.

NIW Admission Factors

There are a number of factors that are considered when a national interest waiver application is being decided on such as:

1. Will admission of the applicant improve the United States economy?

2. Will admission improve wages, as well as other working conditions, of other U.S. workers?

3. Will admission result in improved educational and training programs for U.S. children and underqualified workers?

4. Will admission provide more affordable housing for young, elderly and or impoverished U.S. residents?

5. Will admission serve to improve the U.S. environment, thereby leading to more productive use of national resources?

In addition, admission to the United States can be requested by interested government agencies in the United States. Under these circumstances the application for the national interest waiver should be supported by appropriate documentation from influential, established and, at times, well known individuals and organizations.

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