Helping Families Navigate Immigration Issues

Every year, tens of thousands of immigrants come to the U.S. seeking a new home. And every year, each immigrant faces a confusing and lengthy application process, the very real risk of eventual deportation, or the denial of requests to allow overseas family members to join family members here.

At the Delaware and Pennsylvania family immigration law firm of Hogan & Vandenberg, LLC, we have worked successfully to help immigrants and their families achieve their dream of obtaining visas for parents, children, siblings, fiancé(e)s and other family members. Do you have questions regarding the following visas and petitions?

  • Family visas (K-1, K-2, K-3 visas): American citizens can help immediate family members (parents, children and siblings) come to the U.S. We can also help you sponsor grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members.
  • Fiancé/fiancée visas (K-1 visa): We help people who are seeking to bring spouses, fiancés or fiancées into the U.S. from countries around the world. Once your husband, wife or promised spouse has arrived, we can help you with an adjustment of status petition.
  • Asylum petitions (I-589): We have represented many clients from Africa, China, Central America, the Middle East and elsewhere whose family members are seeking asylum in the U.S.
  • Family-sponsored adjustment of status

Most PERM residency petitions are granted due to family ties, and we have successfully helped entire extended families enter and remain in the U.S. legally. For experienced legal help with a broad range of family immigration goals, including permanent residency, citizenship and student, investor and work visas, contact our firm.

Contact A Family Immigration Lawyer

If you have questions regarding family immigration and permanent residency law, contact Hogan & Vandenberg, LLC. We accept credit cards, are available for evening and weekend appointments, charge reasonable and competitive rates, and will credit our small consultation fee back to you if you hire us.

Our attorneys and support staff speak a broad range of languages, including Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, Bosnian, Arabic, Italian, Urdu and Gujarati. To contact us, call our Delaware office at 302-225-2734 or our Pennsylvania address at 610-664-6271.