Providing Legal Help To Obtain EB-1/EB-2/EB-3 Work Visas

EB visas provide opportunities for outstanding researchers, professors and other highly educated employees to obtain permanent residency in the U.S. Our law firm of Hogan & Vandenberg, LLC, will answer all of your immigration questions related to work visas.

For assistance with an EB-1, EB-2 or EB-3 visa, please contact our skilled immigration attorneys. Our offices in Delaware and Pennsylvania are conveniently located, serving the communities of Wilmington, Delaware, and Philadelphia, Allentown and Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

Goals Of Employment Visas

Three EB green card visas have different goals that provide for permanent residency for individuals depending on their occupation.

  • EB-1: This visa is for outstanding professors, researchers, business people and athletes who have extraordinary abilities. The EB-1 visa provides a method of obtaining permanent residency for priority workers. Your U.S. employer must petition for the visa on your behalf.
  • EB-2: This visa provides a method of obtaining employment authorization for aliens who are professionals or hold advanced degrees. If the alien has exceptional talent in the sciences, arts or business, and their residency will benefit the U.S., then the petition may be granted.
  • EB-3: The EB-3 visa is for professionals and skilled workers with more than two years of experience in their trade.

There is no set way to successfully petition for an EB visa or another work visa. Our experience can help you file the paperwork properly and advise you on the best option that will achieve your goals. You can depend on our knowledgeable lawyers to give you the quality information that you need for all of your immigration issues.

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