Immigration Reform Updates

Hogan & Vandenberg LLC Welcomes Bi-Partisan Roadmap to Immigration Reform For Families and Businesses.

“Today marks a positive perfect storm for immigrants, their employers, and their families and supporters. Immigrants have waited more than 30 years for politicians of both parties to agree that the system needs to be changed, not just because it is broken but because fixing it is good for the United States. Immigrants power our economy, fuel our innovation, and enrich our lives. The right time for change is now!”

President Obama’s speech in Nevada made the points succinctly: the road forward includes sensible enforcement, a roadmap to citizenship for new Americans, and a streamlined way to attract and keep foreign-born scientists and entrepreneurs in America. As an immigration law firm, Hogan & Vandenberg has clients in all three categories. Our attorneys have spoken extensively with community groups in the Delaware Valley, and serve clients both local and nationwide.