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The Immigration lawyers at Hogan & Vandenberg empathize with both the emotional as well as financial hardships that go along with being separated from your family members. In addition, there are other administrative obstacles that must be overcome. Some of these are delays, government related red tape and security clearance concerns. By working with the experienced Immigration Lawyers at Hogan & Vandenberg you can rest assured that they will do everything possible to reduce the amount of stress associated with Immigration issues. We will attempt to anticipate any potential problems that may arise. We also offer realistic processing times and take care of any follow ups needed with an agency and or embassy.

Categories Under Which Someone May Obtain Permanent Residence Via Relatives

Possible ways someone can become a U. S. resident through a family member fall into 5 categories:

  • Immediate Relatives of U. S. Citizens
  • First Preference- Unmarried Children of U. S. Citizens
  • Second Preference- Spouses and Unmarried Children of U. S. Citizens
  • Third Preference- Married Sons & Daughters of U. S. Citizens
  • Fourth Preference- Brothers & Sisters of U. S. Citizens

There are waiting periods for each category that dictate how long it will take to gain an immigrant visa via a relative. In addition, the country you are coming from also governs the time it will take. Typically, Mexican, Indian, Chinese & Filipino Nationals have longer waiting periods.

If the beneficiary, the person applying for the visa, is not an immediate relative of a United States citizen he or she will not be qualified to process the immigrant visa abroad. They will also not be able to file for adjustment of status in the U. S. without a viable visa available under the annual quota preference system. Filing of an I-130 will set one’s priority date.

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