Delaware and Pennsylvania Immigration Service Lawyers

Are you encountering immigration issues when seeking to enter or remain in the U.S.? How do you file an effective claim to pursue employment, an education or a better life for you and your family? When your firm needs specialized workers from overseas, who can help your business hire the high-skilled technology, IT, pharmaceutical, banking or other skilled help it needs?

At the Wilmington and Philadelphia immigration law firm of Hogan & Vandenberg, LLC, we have helped hundreds of individuals and small, medium and large-size firms strategize, address and resolve immigration law issues. Do you live or work in Pennsylvania, Delaware or surrounding state and have immigration law questions? We can help.

Do not face America's complex immigration laws without experienced and skilled legal help. Call us at our Delaware office at 302-225-2734 or our Pennsylvania address at 610-664-6271.

We work in all aspects of immigration law.

  • Business immigration? We have experience in PERM Labor Certifications, E-1/E-2 treaty traders and investors, L-1 intra-company managerial transfers, H-1B professionals and O-1 nonimmigrants of extraordinary ability.
  • Family immigration? We can help you help a spouse, parents, minor children, siblings and married or single adult sons and daughters.
  • Student immigration? We help those who wish to enter the United States to study or train at all levels. This includes F-1, J-1, M-1 and H-3 visas. We also help students who wish to remain in the U.S., and help with changes of status.
  • Immigration litigation? We are experienced in deportation defense, and have successfully represented asylum seekers from Rwanda, China, Pakistan, Chechnya, Egypt and many other nations.

A Diverse Firm with a Diverse Clientele

Our diverse attorney and support team helps clients from all over the world feel at home. We provide legal services and seminars in mosques and other culturally significant locations, and speak nine languages, including European, Asian, African and South Asian languages. To discuss your immigration legal concerns, contact Hogan & Vandenberg, LLC.

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If you have questions about visas and immigration service and law, green cards and work permits, contact Hogan & Vandenberg, LLC. We accept credit cards, are available for evening and weekend appointments, charge reasonable and competitive rates, and will credit our small consultation fee back to you if you hire us.

Our lawyers and support staff speak a broad range of languages, including Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, Bosnian, Arabic, Italian, Urdu and Gujarati. To contact us, at our Delaware office at 302-225-2734 or our Pennsylvania address at 610-664-6271.