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Immigration Discrimination

Attorneys in Wilmington and Philadelphia Fighting Immigration Discrimination

Immigration discrimination can cause serious emotional distress. When it happens to you, you want justice. The immigration law firm of Hogan & Vandenberg, LLC, is experienced at handling serious cases of immigration discrimination, including race and religious discrimination.

Contact our offices, located in Delaware and Pennsylvania, to speak with a knowledgeable immigration discrimination attorney. When your rights have been violated, you want a Hogan & Vandenberg, LLC, attorney on your side.

Have you experienced immigration discrimination? Call Hogan & Vandenberg, LLC at our Delaware office at 302-225-2734 or our Pennsylvania address at 610-664-6271.

Categories of Discrimination

Under the law, there are different types of immigration discrimination. We represent victims of any of the following types of discrimination:

  • Citizenship status discrimination: This discrimination occurs when a person is rejected for employment or fired because they are a permanent resident, temporary resident asylee or refugee. These protected groups may have a discrimination claim when their employer discriminates against them for this reason.
  • National origin discrimination: When an individual is discriminated against because of their place of birth, country of origin, ancestry, native language, or accent, or for looking or acting like a "foreigner," they may have a discrimination claim. The law protects all work-authorized individuals from this type of discrimination.
  • Document abuse discrimination: Document abuse discrimination occurs when an employer requests more or different documents than are required to verify employment eligibility and identity. Employers engaging in document abuse discrimination may also reject reasonably genuine-looking documents. All work-authorized individuals are protected from document abuse discrimination.

We will fight for your rights if you have been subjected to any of the three types of immigration discrimination. We also represent immigrant victims of religious discrimination and race discrimination. When your employer has unfairly discriminated against you, speak to our skilled immigration lawyers at our law firms in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Contact Us

If you were a victim of any type of immigration discrimination, contact Hogan & Vandenberg, LLC. We accept credit cards, are available for evening and weekend appointments, charge reasonable and competitive rates, and will credit our small consultation fee back to you if you hire us.

Our attorneys and support staff speak a broad range of languages, including Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, Bosnian, Arabic, Italian, Urdu and Gujarati. To contact us, call at our Delaware office at 302-225-2734 or our Pennsylvania address at 610-664-6271.

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We want to thank you so much for helping us with A.'s Permanent Residency. It has allowed A. and our family to find great opportunities to better our future. We sincerely thank you for your time and effort put onto our case.


Thank you for the great job you did in my case, it couldn't be better!!! you helped me take the right decision in that critical moment. May GOD bless you all.